SUP Pilates

Beach Pilates 

Can you imagine having the best of two sports as healthy as Pilates and Paddle Surf?

These two sports are complete enough to be practiced independently, but the combination of both multiplies their playful potential and their possibilities of action on our muscular and nervous systems by a hundredfold, resulting in total well-being as a result of their practice.

Try a class with us and we assure you that you will get hooked on this modality of Paddle Surf.

Individual lesson / 1 1/2 hours / 40 €

2 people lesson / 1 1/2 horas / 50 €

"Enjoy the benefits of practicing Pilates with the stimulation of outdoor sports in a unique environment, La Playa de Levante in Valdelagrana"

Nowadays, no one doubts the benefits that Pilates has on people's health, both physically and mentally. 

Our Pilates training is endorsed by the FEEYPF (Spanish Federation of Personal Trainers and Fitness) and the ANEP (National Association of Pilates Trainers).

¡Come and try an unforgettable experience!

Groups  / 8 to 10 people 

 30 € (2 lessons a week)

Mondays & Wednesdays 9:00 a 10:00
Tuesdays & Thursdays 20:00 a 21:00

Frequently asked questions: PILATES SUP

Do I need to know how to paddle surf to sign up for Pilates SUP classes?

Pilates Sup classes are carried out using Paddle Surf boards but it is not necessary that you have prior knowledge of paddle surfing since the movement to the performance area can be done lying down or kneeling on the board. Even so, in your first class we will give you basic instructions about paddle surfing technique.

At what age can you practice this sport?

Paddle Surf Pilates or Pilates SUP can be done by people of all ages since it is a very accessible sport and we adapt to the physical level of our students.

What material does the classes you teach at Paddle Surf Paradise include?

Our classes include the Paddle Surf board, rowing, life-saving vest, lycra and mandatory civil liability insurance. In times when it is colder you must attend our classes with your own wetsuit.

How many people can attend the Paddle Surf classes held by Paddle Surf Paradise?

At Paddle Surf Paradise we take special care of our clients, which is why SUP Pilates classes are held with groups of no more than 5 people.

What is the location of the Paddle Surf Paradise school?

Our school does not have a physical office where we can assist you since we work by reservation and we provide you with the location of the classes depending on the best weather conditions. We are a company authorized by the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park to work in the Park's surroundings and we carry out classes and courses in different locations of the natural park.